Early Bird Rate Expires March 15!

Ticket Rates

  • BEFORE March 15th, tickets are $100 each
  • AFTER March 15th tickets are $125 each

* Tickets include WACConference presentations (see program schedule linked below), a continental breakfast and a buffet lunch each day  of this 2 day conference

Program Schedule

Purchase Your Ticket(s)

As you go through the ticket purchasing application you’ll find that only Thursday’s ticket can be purchased. That’s by design due to the limitations of the ticketing app and our need for a single fee for a two day event.  In other-words, when you order your Thursday ticket it covers both Thursday and Friday.

Conference Information

Please review our program, registration tickets and event information post


2 thoughts on “Early Bird Rate Expires March 15!

  1. Curt

    I just registered/purchased a ticket and have a question, but I cannot find any contact information on this web site. Who do I contact with questions?


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